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Join the Chorale!

REGISTRATION is January 18th @ 6:30pm

Rehearsal will begin after registration from 7-9 pm


We would encourage you to commit to as many rehearsals as you can.  This is not only helpful to you, but it is helpful to those who sing next to you, as well as the chorale as a whole.  We, as a board and the chorale at large, have two specific items that are now in our by-laws.  The first item has to do with the age of our chorale members.  We welcome younger singers.  However, we have an age limit.  Fourteen year-olds may sing if there is an adult singing with them in the chorale.  Sixteen year-olds may sing unaccompanied.  Secondly, no registration will be accepted after the fourth week of rehearsal.

Membership dues are $10.00 per semester. 

If you would like more information please contact us using our contact form.

Download our registration forms below.

Have questions? Send us and email!

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